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SN. Notice
1 Quotation Required for Interactive Digital Display (Smart Board)
2 Quotation Required for Computer and UPS
3 Quotation Audio Visual Centre
4 Quotation Required for Solar System
5 Quotation required for Books
6 Inviting Quotations for Plagiarism check Software (200 User)
7 Quotation ISO
8 निविदा सूचना रद्दी प्रपत्रों की बिक्री
9 Inviting Quotations for Electric Fitting and Fans Installation In M. P. Hall
10 प्रपत्र को छपवाने हेतु कोटेशन आमंत्रित
11 Quotation for purchase of bhusha
12 Inviting Quotations for Department of Entomology
13 Inviting Quotations for HP Laser Jet Pro MFP M226dw
14 Inviting Quotations for UPS, RAM,UPS Battery and C-Mos Battry
15 Quotation required for Books 2022-23
16 Quotation required for Department of Ag. Chemistry and Soil Science
17 Quotation required for Bhoosa
18 Inviting Quotations for Monitor, RAM and Battery
19 Quotation Required for Table and Plastic Chairs
20 Quotation Required Apparatus/Test for Psychology Department
21 सूचना स्मार्ट क्लास एवं कंप्यूटर लैब 2022
22 Quotation for Water Cooler
23 Quotation Required for Dairy Farm
24 Quotation for Rajarshi Sabhagar
25 नीलामी सूचना
26 Notice for Auction Tree
27 Notice Inviting Quotations
28 Quotation Required for Tools and Equipment
29 Quotation Requai
30 Quotation Requai
31 Quotation Requai
32 प्रवेश और परीक्षा सिस्टम ऑनलाइन किये जाने हेतु कोटेशन आमंत्रण
33 उदयश्री के प्रकाशन हेतु कोटेशन
34 Tender Notice for Office of the Controller of Exams
35 Tender Notice for Boys and Girls Toilet and Change Room
36 Quotation CCTV
37 Tender Notice Photo Copier Machine
38 Notice Inviting Quotations for Equipment
39 Quotation for Almirah
40 Quotation Required for A3 Size Laser Jet Printer
41 Quotation required for Photocopier
42 Quotation Required for Invertor Battery
43 ????? ?????? ?? ??????
44 Quotation Wheat Straw
45 Quotation for Printing
46 Quotation for Wire Fencing 2021
47 Inviting Quotation for Repairing works in Navin Girls Hostel
48 quotation for Boundary Wall
49 Quotation for Pathak Ticket for Library
50 Write Off old Books and Paper
51 Auction of cattles
52 Old Tress Auction Reschedule
53 Revised Notice Regarding Oction for Old Trees
54 Quotation required for Photocopier etc
55 Quotation for Plastic Chair
56 Tender notice for sale of used answer books
57 Tender Notice for supply of Answer books
58 Quotation required for Antivirus
59 Quotation required for Almirah
60 Quotation required for Book Binding
61 Quotation required for Books 2
62 Quotation required for Books 1
63 Quotation invited for Physics Lab Equipment
64 Quotation required for Date Slip for Library
65 Notice for Rate Contract for Chemical and Glasswares
66 Quotation Order On Line UPS Battery
67 Quotation required for Bhoosa
68 Psychology Department
69 Auction Notice
70 Quotation for Online Massage
71 Quotation for Chemical & Glassware
72 Quotation for Physics lab
73 Library Books 1-20
74 Library Books 21-36
75 Library Books 37-50
76 Quotation for Smart Class
77 Quotation required for White Board
78 Quotation required for Book Binding in Library
79 Quotation Air conditioner
80 Quotation required for computer parts
81 Quotation Required for Battery
82 Quotation required for Computer Chair
83 Tender for auction
84 Library Automation Software
85 Quotation required for Bhoosa
86 Quotation required for Printing of Entrance form and Brochure
87 Quotation required for Psychology Deptt
88 Quotation required for Quick heal Internet security
89 Quotation required for Library Automation Software
90 Quotation for Chemistry Dept
91 Quotation required for Desktop Computer chair
92 Quotation required for TV and Inverter
93 Quotation for Laser Printer
94 List of Books 2
95 List of Books 1
96 Quotation Inviting for Books
97 Quotations for Cataloge Card
98 Quotations for Book Self
99 Tender for Security Services
100 Tender Notice for Used Answer books
101 Quotation for Laptop
102 Quotation for U.P.S Battery
103 Quotation for CC TV Camera
104 Rate Contract for College Lab
105 Quotation for Air Conditioner
106 Quotation regarding Electrical Goods
107 Tender Notice for Hostels
108 Quotation for Fixed Seat Arrangement
109 Notice for Auction of Cattles
110 Quotation regarding Bricks
111 Quotation for Biometric System
112 Quotation for Bhoosa Straw Chaff
113 Quotation for Monochromator
114 Tender for Toilet
115 Quotation for Laptop Projector and Mike system
116 Department of Botany
117 Quotation for Laptop Printer
118 Apparatus for Chemistry Lab
119 Instrument for Physics Lab
120 Quotation_for_Exide_Battery
121 Quotation_Regarding_Chemicals_and_Glassware.pdf
122 Quotation For Laptop & Projector
123 Quotation regarding Books 2
124 Quotation regarding Books
125 Quotation
126 Quotation_for_Dairy_Department