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The department of teacher education was established in 1972 under the leadership of Dr. Ganesh Prasad Singh. Since then the department has not looked back and is proud of some outstanding achievements. Presently the department is running Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme of two years duration on regular basis with the intake capacity of 110 seats. Admission to B.Ed. programme is made by State Level UP B.Ed. Joint Entrance Examination. The department of teacher education is recognised by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) by letter no. : NRC/NCTE/F3/UP.136/97/5943/24-10-1997 and subsequently Order No.: UP-COMMON ORDERS/2015/11742/05-06-2015.

The school internship/ practice teaching programme is arranged in recognised secondary schools. The infrastructure facility is available as per NCTE norms. At present the department is functioning with 11 faculty members, out of these 11 teachers, five are Associate Professors, six are Assistant Professors (4 Assistant Professors on management arrangement). All faculty members are competent and well qualified. They have more than 100 research papers and books to their credit. The department has very rich library comprising 3160 books, 157 Encyclopaedias and 19 educational journals. Alumni of the department have excelled at many prestigious educational institutions including various central universities, state universities, colleges, KVS, NVS, intermediate colleges as well as in civil services. The autonomy of academics bestowed upon the college has added flavours of specificity that the department cherishes. Today it feels distinguished in Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh. The department of teacher education has successfully filed its NCTE Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) for the session 2020- 2021 made mandatory by NCTE.